Forecast For ICRA Nationals Not Good

An ideal weather forecast to begin the annual Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA) championships set to deliver the condition of “champagne sailing” Roche’s Point, as the first race started at 2.30pm.

But, the celebrations is not going to be long lasting as another forecast says, the perfect weather condition is going to be short-lived. On Saturday the wind will blow with the near gale-force and the situation will remain so in the coming days as well.

Because of the reason, other events that were planned in the area are being rearranged or cancelled and this includes the 200-boat Cork Harbor Festival’s Ocean (CHFO) to City race. This event has been shortened to start at Blackrock in-order to avoid the high winds.

However, Cork Harbor’s topography may yet provide a solution for the event ICRA Nationals and also the chances of setting the courses in the area of harbor by creating the ‘around the cans’ style of courses. It will be similar to the races of the scenic Cork Week.

The bad weather condition has hit many and it has led to some disastrous accidents as well. Last weekend saw the loss of Ker 39-footer Inis Mór, it was the possession of recent Scottish and the ship was on its route to Crosshaven and was competing in the national title of Class Zero. The boat sank off near Kilmore Quay in the Saltee Islands.

The good thing was, none of the delivery crew members (Three) were hurt and meanwhile they were lifted by air at the Irish Coast Guard (ICG). The helicopter was exercising nearby, when this accident happened and the call was made.

The team is hopeful that within few days weather will get fine and they will get apt weather to practice sailing.