Saint-Tropez Is Witnessing Decline In Revenue

Saint-Tropez, the resort of glittering Riviera favored by the super-rich and celebrities are lamenting a decline in berthed number in yachts at its marina this summer.

The owners of Luxury yacht are not to be short of funds, but, because of the prohibitive cost of the luxury yachts, they are snubbing the upscale resorts of Côte d’Azur.

Now, instead of Antibes or Saint-Tropez’s’, the renowned “Billionaires’ Harbor”, people are choosing relatively less expensive destinations at the places like Spain or Italy, where the fees of berthing, crewing costs and fuel prices are lower.

Coming to the high costs on the Riviera, then strict enforcement of EU regulations France has to be blamed for this. They have strict EU regulations on the marine diesel sales price and for the high French tax new requirement along with the social contributions to be paid to the crew members.

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Luxury Yacht By Mylius Yachts

Mylius Yachts is another Italian yard of repute, known for their several luxury yacht launches. They have recently announced a third hull having been launched of the Mylius 76 series which is its flagship series. It was launched in the early part of June and was christened E Vai.

This luxury boat has several key features. For instance, the hull is made from carbon fiber and has a superstructure designed by Alberto Simeone. The sloop of 25.25 meters of this blue water yacht has been given a high A rating of CE category.

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