Luxury Yacht By Mylius Yachts

Mylius Yachts is another Italian yard of repute, known for their several luxury yacht launches. They have recently announced a third hull having been launched of the Mylius 76 series which is its flagship series. It was launched in the early part of June and was christened E Vai.

This luxury boat has several key features. For instance, the hull is made from carbon fiber and has a superstructure designed by Alberto Simeone. The sloop of 25.25 meters of this blue water yacht has been given a high A rating of CE category.

The lightweight construction of the boat allows it to displace only about 30 tones of water. There are several blogs and forums that showcase details of this Mylius 76FD yacht. The accommodation provided on board for six guests is split among three staterooms. This includes an owner’s cabin as well as two twin rooms that are convertible. These are all located in the bow area. The internal décor of the boat was made by the yard’s in house team.

The water length of this luxury yacht is 21.5 meters. This means that she can be operated by the owner entirely. There is crew accommodation provided on board though, that can accommodate about three people at most.

The E Vai was tested on the waters around Marina Cala de Medici around June 11th. The boat is a flush deck design which means that it is a sporty and compact design. There is an electric deck as well as a single rudder setup. The carbon fiber construction of the boat comprises of a mast that can support 311 square meters of sail. The boat comes fitted with a 6BY3 diesel engine of 220 HP Yanmar model. It would be part of the upcoming Cannes Yachting festival this year.