The Dutch Challengers are on the Mission America’s Cup

The challenger team of America’s Cup,  The Netherlands is again hoping to be the Challenger of Record. Luna Rossa, who won the race last time has again decided to part in the 2021 regatta taking place in Auckland.

Simeon Tienpont, who is one of the most experienced heads of the Dutch team, come to Auckland to see the performance of New Zealand team Emirates. He very carefully stepped around some questions that involve the hearing of the arbitration panel that will give a judgment related to their late entry to America’s Cup 36th edition.

Possibly the biggest question is on the Dutch. This is because, at this point of time, this team could be called “fledgling”, although, it originates from one of the greatest sailing nations of the world and it is probably being supported by a group of sponsors, especially from the strong the industry of Dutch maritime.

The panel of arbitration has been called at one platform to take the decision on the matters that require some changes in rules — the papers that set all rules for the design, crewing, construction racing of the boats. For any change in set rules, the need for taking approval from the Challenger of Record is not much required, that is Luna Rossa from Italy. The will be activated only in the condition when the agreement cannot be reached.

The combined challenge from Royal Maas Yacht Club and the yacht club Royal Netherlands Muiden need an alteration in the protocol as well as in the Herald article on the 22nd of December: “The Dutch challenge announcement might be the first test of the relationship between Luna Rossa and the team of New Zealand.

“At the one end the defender of the cup obviously has the motivation for letting another the entry of another, Luna Rossa has an in the same way the obvious incentive to turn down.